Santa Barbara CA

I started the LAUNCH Spiritual Formation course with the desire to reconnect with God. Four months ago, my son was born and since then, it has been difficult to connect deeply in my personal relationship with God. Over the seven weeks of the course, I was able to not only learn new spiritual disciplines, but I was able to reconnect with God and learn more about myself as well. As a mom I don’t get much time for myself and this was a great opportunity to do just that!


Miguel, Palmdale CA

LAUNCH is an amazing, fun and easy class that helps you grow in your daily walk with God and helps you to know what your purpose is within your calling. Being a part of LAUNCH really helped and encouraged me to understand why God called me to become a Pastor and it tested me in areas in my life that I thought I would never change. I would highly encourage those who haven’t taken the Launch Class to challenge yourself and take it because if God was able to speak to me through this class I know for sure He will answer your questions and test your faith and grow you spiritually as well.

Lauren Gonzales.jpg

Lauren, Richmond Texas

LAUNCH is a fun, interactive class that helps you to grow in your spiritual walk. You will be challenged with simple, practical ways to lay down false mindsets that you have about yourself and allow the Lord to start speaking truth into your life. As you go through the course you will begin to understand that you are marked and called by God. He calls us to be the city on a hill for all to see, so that others may see Jesus through you.