"Free family movie night. Bake sale and concession sales go towards camp. It brings in a small profit, but if you do it once a month, it adds up... families love it, and the youth have another night hanging out together." [Amanda || youth leader, Simi Valley]

"Bake sales work really well at our church. Instead of pricing the goods, we make it by donation only. People are far more generous that way. Also, I don't have any additional leaders so I have the youth do some of the baking and make the signs and man the table so they can talk to people and tell them why they are having the bake sale and what their donation means. That goes a long way as well." [Shanna || youth leader, Mojave]

"Our biggest fundraisers involve food. We do a chili dog/root beer float sale, nacho sale, and burrito sales." [Micael || youth leader, South Gate]

"Our church loves food, but then again, who doesn't? We do a salsa festival around Cinco de mayo and we sell burritos. We have partnered with a local restaurant who sells amazing burritos at a fraction  of the cost, so the sale brings in a lot of money for the kids. We have a monthly evening service where we sell food before and the proceeds from the year helps offset camp costs as well." [Tracy || children's pastor, Oxnard]


"Every year for camp, our biggest fundraiser is the "Furious 5K." The purpose of the 5K is not only to raise money, but have participation from church members, family and friends investing in the students going to camp. Students are given sponsor forms whey they are asking people from church, family members and even teachers to sponsor them to run. This allows the students to proactively seek sponsors and gives them an opportunity to express to others why they want to go to camp and share their faith. What makes the 5K fun for everyone is that it is usually themed (i.e., superheroes, zombies, ninjas, animals, etc.) and then after the run, we invite all of the students, parents, and those who sponsored back to the youth room for a BBQ lunch." [Max || youth pastor, Pasadena]


"The best [fundraiser] we've done is the Red Envelope Fundraiser. We did it for 3 weeks and raised $3500. Here is a link explaining it: Red Envelope. It is simple and awesome." [Gabe || former youth pastor, Santa Maria]

"We did a version of Red Envelope... completely cost-effective, low maintenance, and we even put little surprises in some of the envelopes to encourage participation!" [Bithia || former youth leader, Lancaster]

"What we did is a sponsorship letter and we give 10 copies to each student. They then pass it over to family members, friends, parents (who can take them to work). We get a good response and usually parents end up paying on $25 to $50 max." [Jose || youth pastor, North Hills]


"A dinner event with a talent show was the biggest fundraiser we ever had. We had youth kids do different things talent-wise and had a silent written auction... At the end I got up and talked about camp and showed a 2 minute video of kids explaining what they got from camp, accompanied by an envelope where people could donate toward camp. The second biggest fundraiser we ever did was have a Sunday morning cafe at the beginning of every month after service for the main sanctuary. We had it going all year." [Matt || senior pastor, Ventura]


"For us what really worked was partnering with local restaurants and businesses. We would have certain nights  that we would go in and they would give us 15-25% of whatever sales we had. The other [successful] one was during 4th of July week, we had a fireworks stand and raised money through that, approximately $6000." [Jose || youth leader, Azusa]

"We have a great location for parking for the Rose Parade in Pasadena, so we sell parking spots all throughout the night and morning before. Not everyone has that ability, but there may be an event in your city that works for something like this as well." {Jasmine || co-youth pastor, Pasadena]


"The best fundraiser I've seen was having a rummage sale in our youth room after church. We asked the church to go through their garages and donate anything that they wanted to get rid of. We decently priced all of the items and raised enough to send all of our camper to camp a few years ago." [Fernando || leader, Lancaster]