About Launch

LAUNCH is designed for NextGen leaders to be trained and be a part of an online learning community. There are three unique online classes to LAUNCH, each class will last approximately 8 weeks. Participants can select one class to participate in or they can participate in all three. Each section has a cost of $49. Canvas is our online platform and this allows the students to download an app on their phones and tablets so they can better access the course material. Each class has three Zoom online face time calls so that each student can meet their instructor and ask questions. The three classes form a solid foundation of Discipleship which we believe is defined by knowing your identity in Christ, practicing Spiritual Disciplines and further discovering your personal calling and mission. 

Section #1: Identity

The first section of Launch will involve understanding the concept of identity. We believe that it is important that those who lead in NextGen ministries are able to understand three important aspects of identity:

The Leader’s Identity, answering the question “Who are YOU?”

The Communal Identity, answering the question “Who are WE?”

The Team Identity, answering the question “Who are we WITH?”

This section will require a lot of introspection and reflection, but also external assessment of the people and culture of the churches you will be serving in. We believe that as you begin to answer these questions, the awareness of yourself and the people around you will lead you toward an insightful and fruitful ministry where you are being best equipped for your leadership style as well as serving the needs of the community which you have been called to.

“The Identity class is about knowing who you are and why you were created for the purpose to reach others and get closer to God. It allowed me to understand that I am loved and accepted for who I truly am and not for who others want me to be.” – LAUNCH Student

Section #2: Spiritual Disciplines

In this section, we will be looking at the importance of practicing spiritual disciplines as leaders and encouraging those in our ministries to practice them as well. Each week, participants will be exposed to different spiritual practices and encouraged to discover how those practices can fit into their lives and ministries. The exploration of the spiritual disciplines will help the participant engage these practices as a means of grace, rather than as empty religion or personal effort.

The “Spiritual Disciplines” class allowed me to fully understand what it takes to be a pastor and the different spiritual disciplines that I should have in order to know that it’s God who is speaking through me and not just my personal emotion.” – LAUNCH Student

Section #3: Calling and Mission

In this final section, the students will be walking through what it means to be called and to whom they are called. Students will continue to develop their local church ministry as well as train and raise up leaders that are in the church as well. We will go over the CALL model and BLESS model which will give practical insight into your calling and mission. 

“The Calling and Mission class caught my attention the most and allowed me to understand my personal calling. It taught me to trust in God that I will be the Pastor He is calling me to be and helped me understand how to work my way up to my calling.” – LAUNCH Student